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Platform to Employment creates a pathway to opportunity for job seekers.

Not all job seekers have the same needs or face the same barriers. Platform to Employment (P2E) is a nationally recognized solution, helping the long-term unemployed get back to work. For employers, P2E gives businesses a risk-free opportunity to evaluate and consider hiring participants during a trial work experience.

The foundation of P2E is a preparatory program for job seekers which includes skills assessments, career readiness workshops, employee assistance programs and more. Career coaches work with participants to leverage their professional experience and to develop effective job search strategies. Upon completion, P2E helps participants find open positions at local companies and offers a trial work experience.

The trial work experience becomes an extended interview where there is no risk to the employer and participants are given an opportunity to demonstrate they can do the job. The expectation is that if the company is satisfied with the performance of the candidate, a full-time job will ensue.

Why Platform to Employment Is Needed

The long-term unemployed come from all walks of life, representing all age groups, educational attainment and communities. But, as a group they face very similar challenges to finding a job.

Additionally, after months of unemployment, individuals experience distinct stresses. Their savings have been spent to cover daily expenses. They may face foreclosure and loss of housing. Many feel disconnected from their careers, social networks and become depressed. It is not uncommon to lose confidence and experience strained relationships with family members.

Platform to Employment empowers individuals, fosters self-sufficiency and focuses on performance improvements with measurable outcomes.

P2E helps participants discover their true potential while providing employers flexible and highly trained workers who can think critically, act independently and work in teams!

Enabling Employment…Facilitating Success

Platform to Employment helps restore careers, dignity and provides skilled workers to employers who do not have time and resources to find talent. The preparatory program helps participants take action to fully realize their personal and professional potential. They develop new strategies for solving problems and create positive change in themselves.

Platform to Employment incorporates a proven curriculum of self-assessment, change management, effective communication and successful job search strategies. Graduates from the program are confident, motivated and ready to work.

P2E Programs

Platform to Employment Connecticut

Platform to Employment Re-Entry

Platform to Employment for Veterans

Job Seekers

Today’s employers hire for Attitude, Flexibility and Enthusiasm. Platform to Employment (P2E) will help you improve your self-image and transform your job search skills. You will work with dedicated employment specialists while cultivating a committed support system. P2E will help you get back to work by taking a realistic and strategic approach to job search.

How the program works

P2E begins with a preparatory program designed to address the social, emotional and skill deficiencies caused by unemployment. A core element of this solution is a support system focusing on lasting performance improvements for participants. P2E incorporates a proven curriculum of self-assessment, managing change, effective communication and successful job search strategies. Multi-media tools reinforce instructor led programs and cohort learning. During the preparatory program, participants take action to fully realize their personal and professional potential. They develop new strategies for solving problems and create positive change in themselves.

Upon program completion, P2E helps participants find open positions at local companies, offering a paid work experience. The work experience becomes an extended interview where there is no risk to the employer and participants are given an opportunity to demonstrate they can do the job. The expectation is that if the company is satisfied with the performance of the candidate, a permanent job will ensue.

Individuals interested in Platform to Employment should apply for the program through this website. Qualified candidates will be invited for an interview with P2E staff.

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Job Seeker Success Stories

Alexandra Langston

Alexandra Langston was unemployed for 10 months before entering the Platform to Employment (P2E) program for help with her job search. Previously, she was an administrative assistant at Thomson Reuter for 12 years. She was a willing and active participant in class, always early and eager to learn and wanted her next job to be something that give back to the community. P2E worked with Alexandra to focus on using her transferable skills, developing an improved resume, more confidence and a better understanding of how to network and interview efficiently.

“I would like to thank Platform to Employment for this wonderful opportunity they have given me. I have accepted a position with Action for Bridgeport Community Development Inc. as a case manager. I am very grateful to have this position as it is truly a role I can say I love! Platform to Employment is a tremendous program that came into my life at exactly the right time and it really saved me from depression and getting down on myself. I have recommended the program to others because if you follow the plan and use the tools that are provided, it works, and you will become employed as I did.”

Jacqueline Root

“You do not truly appreciate the sentiment of you’re not alone until you are in a room full of people wearing the ‘same shoes’ as you. The Platform to Employment program gave me a wealth of information that was honestly immeasurable. Our arsenal of skills grew two-folds during the 5-week program prior to finding employment. The P2E team and all the various guest speakers who devoted their time to us, sincerely left an impression that people do care and do want to help.

I am now employed with Mass Mutual as an IT Project Technician and am grateful for all the tools, self-awareness and support that will now benefit me as I start this new position. Without P2E my tool kit was empty and now it is overflowing with devices that can be utilized during my new journey. I sincerely thank everyone who has supported me during my time with Platform to Employment!”

Jacqueline Root– Hartford Cohort

Mike R

Career development and job searching can be an incredibly frustrating and discouraging experience for many. Mike was unemployed for 10 months before starting Platform to Employment and during that time he was actively searching for a job, but wasn’t getting the results he was hoping for. After going to the P2E orientations and a couple classes, Mikes confidence was restored. Mike worked with the staff to improve his cover letter and resume to make it more relevant for his job search.

“Through P2E I attained and developed the skills required to regain employment. Powerful tools for self-assessment and job search streamlined my efforts to find relevant jobs. Instructions and feedback from the staff helped me to improve my interviewing skills dramatically. P2E was instrumental in establishing and maintaining a solid base framework to return to the workforce.”

Mike has accepted a position as a customer relationship manager for Chico’s Corporate.

Kristin Santoro

Kristin was nervous and fearful about re-entering the workforce. She had an out of date resume and lacked the interviewing skills needed to feel confident in her job search. She had prior experience in retail from working in a family business and is very accustomed to wearing multiple hats. She has strong communication skills but needed help fine tuning her skills in order to compete in the job market. After struggling to find her place in the job market she came across Platform to Employment. By going through the program, along with the constant support she has gained the tools necessary too confidently seek out employment. Through P2E she learned new job search skills, interview techniques and best practices.

“The interview practice helped me to restore my confidence and feel more empowered and open to all possibilities with a newly found positive attitude.” Kristin is now employed at Fascia’s Chocolates as a sales and customer service representative and also assist with digital marketing.

Terri Simmons

Terri Simmons joined the Platform to Employment program after being laid off from her job as a paralegal. She was skeptical at first because she hadn’t been able to find a job on her own. But, after completing multiple classes she began to feel her confidence rebound. She dedicated herself to following the suggestions and techniques taught by the P2E instructors and jumped in with both feet. She worked hard and dedicated herself to the techniques offered to her and jumped in with both feet. Terri was able to secure employment after her first interview as a paralegal for Ganim Legal Firm in Bridgeport, CT.

“My experience with the program has been completely inspiring. I almost didn’t apply so I am grateful that the lord convinced me to just try it. It was not disappointing and everything about the program totally surpassed my expectations. P2E taught me how to search for a job, deal with depression and anxiety, write a relevant resume and have a powerful interview. The instructors provided so many jewels of information that I can share with family and friends.”

Bob Shultz

“After having been employed for 32 consecutive years in a customer service capacity and now being unemployed for the last year, I relied on the meaningful work performed by Platform to Employment (P2E) to finally attain permanent employment. My job search was difficult, often frustrating and thankfully has come to an end as I have once again secured a position in customer service.

Being a part of the overall 80% program participant placement rate of is very gratifying. As such, I am extremely thankful for the support and encouragement I received from P2E. The program provided invaluable assistance with updating my resume and teaching me effective interviewing skills. The classroom environment was great as members of my cohort were both friendly and supportive.

At the beginning of each classroom session, we were asked to share expressions of gratitude. So it’s now appropriate for me to extend my sincere thanks to the P2E team. They provided effective and passionate classroom facilitation, invaluable advice, humor, viable job leads and most of all the empowerment to stay focused and positive. I also wish to thank my family for the faith they maintained in me when even I began to wonder if fulltime employment would elude me forever. I sincerely appreciate that I had the opportunity to participate in the P2E program and wish everyone associated with it continued success in the execution of their most worthwhile mission!” -Bob Schultz

Marlon W.

After being released from incarceration in June 2017, Marlon W. tried to get back into the job market but had difficulty finding employment. Marlon tried other re-entry programs but felt they didn’t give him the support he needed. A family member told  him about Platform to Employment Re-Entry and after sitting down with VP Terri Williams, Marlon felt reassured that this was the right program for him. “She put me with her amazing team, and from that point I knew that this program was different.” During the four week training, Marlon worked with staff on his soft skills and interviewing techniques, that helped him feel confident going into job interviews. “They empowered me to believe in my skills and search for the jobs that I am qualified for. ” Marlon is now working as a Passport Transitional Services Coordinator at Community Action Agency of New Haven. 


Remarkable People – Extraordinary Opportunities

Platform to Employment (P2E) provides businesses a risk-free opportunity to evaluate an individual before you hire them, at no cost to you. The program brings qualified talent to your team, quickly and affordably for lasting success. We understand that hiring even highly qualified candidates can be a risk.

The job candidates we present to you have successfully completed the P2E preparatory program and are hand-picked based on your specifications, corporate culture and their potential contribution to your bottom line.

Employers can evaluate potential candidates through resume reviews and interviews before engaging in an eight-week work experience program. This program provides employers with the opportunity to engage potential employees, interact with them in a real work environment and evaluate their performance before making a commitment. Since P2E covers the candidates wages during the work experience there is no cost to employers.

For employers, P2E is a simple solution to hiring the right applicant for your business.

The Wage Subsidy program works as follows:

  • Employers’ interview pre-screened candidates for open positions
  • Candidates are placed on the payroll of The WorkPlace during a trial work experience. The candidate is an employee of The WorkPlace but reports to your office just as a regular hire.
  • We pay the wages of the participant during the trial work experience at no cost to you.
  • If for some reason the hire is not a good fit, the work experience can be concluded at any time.
  • At the end of a successful trial work experience, the candidate transitions to your payroll and they become your permanent hire.
  • Nationally, nearly 90% of candidates successfully make the transition to employer payrolls. This is a credit not only to our innovative program design, but to the caliber of people we seek to place…

Platform to Employment has successfully worked with businesses and job seekers for almost 10 years. The program has been featured on 60-Minutes, PBS, CNN and Fox Business. It is a no-cost solution that is filling the workforce gap more effectively by saving businesses Time, Money, Energy and Effort.

Learn more about Platform to Employment and the wage subsidy program by contacting Michael Morgan at (203) 610-8572 or

Employer Testimonials

Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax is a locally owned and operated franchise. They prepare over 2,500 tax returns per year in Waterbury. They also help answer many tax questions residents may have, free of charge. They have been a partner of Platform to Employment since 2016 and have hired several skilled and talented participants.

The subsidy to pay the employees during the trial period is a major help, said owner and operator Mark Russo. It provides a risk-free opportunity to train the employee and see if they are a good fit for the team. The hiring process is extremely easy as the Platform to Employment team prescreens potential applicants to match the skills a company is looking for.

They recently hired two employees from Platform to Employment, Thomas and Christine have proven to be valuable assets to the office. Thomas works as a tax preparer and Christine is the friendly receptionist who is tasked with keeping everything flowing. The addition of these two employees have helped take a lot of the workload off of other employees and allowed Mark to focus on running his business.

Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness

Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness mission is to prevent and end homelessness in CT through leadership and advocacy. CT Coalition hired Platform to Employment (P2E) graduate Rosie Armstrong as an executive assistant and were able to asses her skills at no cost because P2E paid her salary for 8 weeks. Rosie worked with the CEO and performed clerical tasks such as setting up meetings, keeping track of daily scheduling and preparing reports, memos and invoices. Rosie was offered a permanent position after finishing her subsidy.

“This was a great way for our CEO and Rosie to get to know each other and confirm it would be a solid team with added benefit of no cost to us for eight weeks. This is a fantastic opportunity especially in the realm of non-profits.”
– Elena Simoes, Director of Finance and Administration

Fones School of Dental Hygiene

The University of Bridgeport Fones School of Dental Hygiene recently hired Anette, a graduate of Platform to Employment (P2E) as an office assistant where she performs administrative duties. Fones School was given the opportunity to asses her capabilities at no cost for 8 weeks because P2E paid her salary in its entirety for that period. The trial employment period provides long-term unemployed individuals with an opportunity to demonstrate they can do the job while employers have a no-risk opportunity to determine if the candidate is a good fit for their organization. Fones School Director of Human Resources has since reached out to P2E about filing another vacant position at the school based on their experience and success with the program.

“I have enjoyed working with Anette on a day to day basis as she is my “right hand woman” and is pro-active in knowing my needs which is a plus for my faculty and me”
– Marion Manski, Director of Fones School of Dental Hygiene.

Two Men and A Truck

Two Men and A Truck is a residential and commercial moving company committed to exceeding their customers’ expectations in value and high standards of satisfaction. With their expansion to the New Haven County and CT shoreline area, their need to support growth through customer support staff was imperative. The Platform to Employment program was the perfect fit with the caliber of participants that are prepared for employment and growth, along with the no risk to employer wage subsidy program.

“P2E did a great job identifying participants that were best fit for our needs, job requirements and expectations. We were able to evaluate, train and successfully hire Bryne Barrenger as our newest Customer Service Representative. We look forward to our continued relationship with Platform to Employment and highly recommend their services to any employer in this competitive job market.”
– Jennifer Richotte, Human Resources, Administrative Manager.

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Platform to Employment Connecticut

Creating a Pathway To Opportunity For Job Seekers

Platform to Employment (P2E) graduates Get Hired! Through Platform to Employment® job seekers find the support and services needed to get back to work. P2E helps the long-term unemployed, those who have exhausted unemployment benefits, get back to work by addressing their specific challenges.

Just “20 Days to Success”! Platform to Employment is an empowering solution that is available to job seekers at no cost. Work with a dedicated staff to improve your self image and transform job search skills. Through P2E find a committed support system and network of professionals with the same goal; helping people get back to work.

P2E is also an innovative solution addressing the challenges of returning the long-term unemployed to work while providing employers a new avenue to a skilled workforce. Businesses receive a risk-free opportunity to evaluate and consider hiring participants during a paid work experience funded by Platform to Employment.

Contact Information

(203) 373-2147
Toll Free (855) 245-4P2E
or (855) 245-4723

Platform to Employment Re-Entry

The Pathway To Success Starts Here

Platform to Employment Re-Entry is a statewide pilot program to reduce unemployment and recidivism rates among the reentry population. The program is modeled after the nationally recognized Platform to Employment (P2E) program which was designed to reconnect the long-term unemployed with the workforce.

Platform to Employment Re-Entry provides formerly incarcerated individuals with work readiness and career development training. The core of the training focuses on life skills and professional development training to enhance confidence and improve employment opportunities. It includes access to career-related tools, seminars, behavioral health services, financial counseling and other resources to strengthen skills to secure careers. Other supports include resources to address barriers to employment such as transportation and childcare.

Just “20 Days to Success”! Platform to Employment is an empowering solution that is available to job seekers at no cost. Work with a dedicated staff and a committed support system with the same goal; helping you get back to work.

Platform to Employment Re-Entry is offered statewide in Connecticut with programs in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Norwich and Waterbury.

Contact Information

(203) 610-8496

Platform to Employment for Veterans

Helping Veterans Find Career Opportunities

Platform to Employment (P2E) for Veterans is a preparatory program that includes skills assessment, career readiness workshops and personal coaching all geared towards helping the long-term unemployed re-enter the workforce. P2E incorporates a successful curriculum of self-assessment, managing change, effective communication and successful job search strategies.

Platform to Employment for Veterans helps people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits. Our education and career counseling program is a great opportunity for Veterans to get personalized support to help guide their career paths. The program is based out of Bridgeport and only serves veterans that live in Connecticut, whether you completed your service recently or years ago.

What Veterans Can Expect:

  • Improve your job search skills
  • Work with a dedicated career coach and employment specialist
  • Connect with a committed support system
  • Obtain employment

Contact Information

(203) 373-2147
Toll Free (855) 245-4P2E
or (855) 245-4723

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